What is Ensemble-based Theatre?

As you get to know me, you will notice I tend to use a lot of sports analogies when explaining my thoughts. I find the complexity and artistry of certain sports very comparable to theatre life.

With that out of the way…

Imagine a football team. Championship caliber.

The quarterback drops back and throws a screen pass to the slot receiver. The receiver, running a slant route, catches the ball and turns up field and 30 yards later, he scores a touchdown.football

That’s ensemble theatre.

You were focused on the two players. Yet it was the team play that scored the touchdown.
The offensive line protecting the quarterback.
The tight end and other receivers placing blocks to clear the route.
The coaches recognizing the defense and calling the correct play to exploit it.
The advance scouts watching game film and noticing team tendencies and communicating back to the coaches for practices.
The head coach trusting his players and coaches to make the right plays and calls in the right situations.

And so on…

For one touchdown.

The experience of Ensemble-based theatre is no different.



I love the feeling of trust and collaboration you get within an ensemble. Ensemble theatre starts from the director, artistic staff and designers collaborating on the initial vision of the project. Next we add the actors, and we dive into the piece, together.

Utilizing table work and an open dialogue, the entire artistic team helps to form the project. The production team and technical crew will help to turn that vision into a reality and finally it’s the operational staff and audience that fully form the ensemble we have been building.

Ensemble Theatre is based on trust and the power of the unit. It’s knowing that every person in the room not only matters, but is invaluable to the production as a whole. It starts from the spark of an idea and continues through the last audience member leaving.

We hope these productions will memorable and transformative for all involved.

Blood. Sweat. Tears. Be prepared to leave it all on the stage.

I tell you what…The sheer talent of an ensemble, working together, trusting each other and giving their all?…They can do amazing things.

Let’s be amazing together.

Have you checked out our Gofundme campaign, yet? That’s the first way to show your support as we embark on this new adventure! http://www.gofundme.com/imprinttheatreworks2017


– Joe
Co-Artistic Director
IMPRINT Theatreworks

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