2020 Season


CABIN FEVER PRESENTS: Ghost Quartet Encore

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CABIN FEVER PRESENTS: Murder Ballad Cast Reunion

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Mission Statement

An ensemble-driven company, IMPRINT Theatreworks provides unique and thought-provoking theatrical experiences to unite and engage our community.

IMPRINT theatreworks: Make your mark.

Black Lives Matter.

As artists, we are in a unique position to incite change and understand our responsibility to step up and stop this cycle of marginalization and violence within our communities. IMPRINT remains committed to being a safe space for artists to work together to create, with intention toward inclusivity and collaboration. We promise to not allow hate to define this critical moment. Be Safe. Be Strong. We Love You. We Fight with You. #BlackLivesMatter


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“Our most exciting new theater company of the past five years.” – Mark Lowry (TheaterJones.com)

“IMPRINT Theatreworks continues the conversation of diversity and inclusion. I’m most excited about the intentionality with which IMPRINT is pursuing its mission.” – Quintin J.

“This theatre company is doing the most important work in DFW right now. Risks are not just taken, but sought out as dares. Don’t you want to be a part of that?!” – Lee J.

“The choices for next season beautifully reflect this company’s values: diversity, intelligence, reflection, humor. It’s exciting and interesting and like nothing else being staged in DFW this year.” – Lauren L.

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Artist Covid-19 Protocols

Artist Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Below is a sampling of our Artist Covid-19 Safety Protocols: 

COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines 

Artist Code of Conduct:


  1. “You” means all artists, creative, and administrative personnel, including but not limited to any person hired four or volunteering for a production with IMPRINT TheatreWorks; 

Your Duties: 

  • You will complete all required forms, screening, and trainings prior to and during work;
  • You will adhere to the policies below and all other health and safety policies at all work sites;
  • You will not hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand the policies;
  • You will share your ideas and suggestions on how to improve health and safety;
  • You acknowledge that information collected from check-in/check-out, screening and testing will be protected and respected.
  • You acknowledge that the COVID-19 Compliance Officer is a resource to you for COVID-19 related health and safety matters (artists have been provided with direct contact information);
  • You agree to adhere to all health and safety policies in the event they are modified based on changing circumstances.


  1. ALL artists, staff, and crew will remain masked at all times, including, but not limited to:

a) When eating or drinking, artists, staff, and crew will do so in a designated “break space”, not within ten feet of another person;

  1. The Covid Compliance Team will perform the following on-site sanitation procedures:              

a) Sanitation spray of all contact surfaces:

  • In Dressing Rooms;
  • In Green Room Area;
  • On Stage;
  • In restrooms;
  • In box office area;
  • In booth;
  1. Circulation: the air of any enclosed area will be circulated at all times via an air-conditioning unit, or similar;
  1. Every in-person gathering will begin with: 

a) Confirmation of Daily Questionnaire, 

b) Temperature check;

 5. If a temperature of over 99。is recorded, the person will wait in a designated area for five (5) minutes and recheck. If there is still a temperature of more than 99。, the person will be sent home;

6. Confirmation that a mask is worn properly;

  7. Confirmation that they do not need additional PPE;

8.Upon first arrival, every artist receives:
a) Hand Sanitizer;
b) one (1) washable cloth face mask;
c) fifteen(15) disposable, cotton face masks; 
d) one (1) Face Shield;
e) one (1) labeled, reusable water bottle.

Dressing Room Policies

  1. Call times will be staggered to eliminate double room usage;
  2. No more than one person is allowed in any inside space/room at a time;
  3. No loitering indoors;
  4. Dressing areas will be clearly outlined and marked, and all signage and directions should be adhered to at all times;
  5. No socialization or green room space is provided within the dressing room area:
    1. Note: An outdoor, distanced green room will be clearly marked and accessible;
  1.  No touching or personal contact at any time
  2. Masks must be worn at all times;
  3. Makeup and hair are to be done at home/before arrival;
  4. Be respectful of all guidelines at all times.

Staging Guidelines

  1. All staging will be done with social distance in mind:

a) At least six (6), but preferably eight (8) feet between players;

b) Masks worn at all times 

– Note: all actors have been provided “Singers Masks”);

  1. Each singer will get their own wired microphone.
  1. Each and every microphone will be sanitized following each and every performance;
  2. Each and every microphone cover will be replaced following each and every performance;
  3.  No prop can be directly passed from hand-to-hand;

Audience Covid-19 Protocols

IMPRINT Theatreworks remains committed to the safety of all audience, artists, staff, and volunteers amidst the ongoing pandemic. The decision to provide in-person entertainment was reached by the IMPRINT staff and board only after extensive consideration, conversation, and implementation of strict safety precautions and consistent adherence to established protocol. Additionally, IMPRINT has successfully produced two socially-distanced virtual performances with great success.

Audience members for The Tree will be seated by party, in accordance with safety guidelines, assigned to designated pods measured for up to 2 or 4 audience members. Tickets must be purchased / Reservations must be made in advance in consideration of the safety of audience and staff. Purchases may be made online up until showtime each night. Additional safety and health guidelines are listed below.

**Health and Safety Policy**

IMPRINT Theatreworks, in partnership with Shakespeare Dallas, prioritizes the health and safety of all our audiences and team members. We have adopted the following safety protocols to make every effort to minimize exposure to the COVID-19 virus and will continue to make decisions based on county and state health guidelines. These decisions may include delaying or cancelling the public performances and other measures to protect all involved.

All persons attending a performance in any capacity are requested to follow these protocols for the safety of all involved.

  • Refrain from attending if you are experiencing a fever, cough, shortness of breath, or any other symptoms associated with COVID-19, or if you have been diagnosed with COVID-19 or exposed to someone who has been diagnosed with COVID-19.
  • Patrons must watch only from within their socially-distanced seating pod.
  • Patrons must practice social distancing at all times when in the proximity of people outside their party.
  • All patrons, staff, and volunteers will be required to wear face masks covering both mouth and nose when entering, moving around inside the Amphitheater, and exiting. Patrons are encouraged to remain masked, but may remove their masks only when seated in their assigned seating pod. Patrons must bring their own masks.
  • Seating capacity limits have been set in partnership with Shakespeare Dallas, and in accordance to Dallas County health guidelines, using clearly defined areas which restrict groups to no more than 4 for each seating area. Pods will be marked on the lawn with seating for groups of 2 or 4, with each pod separated by no less than 8 feet. We are currently selling at less than 10% capacity of the park.
  • When entering the park, please follow the guidance of staff at all times.

If patrons do not follow the above rules, they will be asked to leave without refund. We must enforce these rules to keep our community safe. Thank you for helping us in our efforts!


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IMPRINT Theatreworks was co-founded by Ashley H. White, Joe Messina, and Jessie Wallace in 2015. Our Inaugural Season in 2018, Built For Longing, garnered both audience praise and recognition from the press, including 12 DFW Theater Critics Forum Awards, winning three Column Award, with a staggering 40 Nominations, and inclusion on many Best of 2018 Year-End Lists. Our sophomore season, Mercury Rising, opened in January of 2019.

Meet the IMPRINT Team:

Artistic & Managing Directors


Read the bios of our Artistic and Managing Director Here.

Management Team

COMPANY MANAGER: Jessie K. Wallace

Read the bios of our Management Team here.

2019-2020 Board of Directors

MEMBERS: Mikey Abrams, Katrin Beeson, Nicole Munoz, Adam Swartz, Scott Taylor, Chris Taylor

2020 Season


CABIN FEVER PRESENTS: Ghost Quartet Encore

Screen Shot 2020-05-01 at 1.11.43 PM

CABIN FEVER PRESENTS: Murder Ballad Cast Reunion

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