Imprint Team

Learn more about the Creative Team behind Imprint Theatreworks.

Co-Artistic Directors

Imprint Theatreworks was co-founded by Ashley H. White and Joe Messina, who found they shared the same ensemble-based ideas for theatre, based on their roots in New York and Chicago, respectively. White and Messina found themselves both excited at the idea of a new theatre company that focused on ensemble-driven pieces that speak to the honesty and raw emotional power of the dramatic arts. Thus, their partnership and Imprint was born.

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Learn more about the Management Team behind IMPRINT theatreworks.

Management Team

IMPRINT theatreworks has a fantastic Management Team. Our Business Manager, Company Manager, Strategic Development Manger and Board President each have extensive backgrounds in business as well as deep roots in the theater community, giving us a well-rounded and productive business dynamic.

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