Artist Covid-19 Protocols

Artist Covid-19 Safety Protocols

Below is a sampling of our Artist Covid-19 Safety Protocols: 

COVID-19 Protocols and Guidelines 

Artist Code of Conduct:


  1. “You” means all artists, creative, and administrative personnel, including but not limited to any person hired four or volunteering for a production with IMPRINT TheatreWorks; 

Your Duties: 

  • You will complete all required forms, screening, and trainings prior to and during work;
  • You will adhere to the policies below and all other health and safety policies at all work sites;
  • You will not hesitate to ask questions if you do not understand the policies;
  • You will share your ideas and suggestions on how to improve health and safety;
  • You acknowledge that information collected from check-in/check-out, screening and testing will be protected and respected.
  • You acknowledge that the COVID-19 Compliance Officer is a resource to you for COVID-19 related health and safety matters (artists have been provided with direct contact information);
  • You agree to adhere to all health and safety policies in the event they are modified based on changing circumstances.


  1. ALL artists, staff, and crew will remain masked at all times, including, but not limited to:

a) When eating or drinking, artists, staff, and crew will do so in a designated “break space”, not within ten feet of another person;

  1. The Covid Compliance Team will perform the following on-site sanitation procedures:              

a) Sanitation spray of all contact surfaces:

  • In Dressing Rooms;
  • In Green Room Area;
  • On Stage;
  • In restrooms;
  • In box office area;
  • In booth;
  1. Circulation: the air of any enclosed area will be circulated at all times via an air-conditioning unit, or similar;
  1. Every in-person gathering will begin with: 

a) Confirmation of Daily Questionnaire, 

b) Temperature check;

 5. If a temperature of over 99。is recorded, the person will wait in a designated area for five (5) minutes and recheck. If there is still a temperature of more than 99。, the person will be sent home;

6. Confirmation that a mask is worn properly;

  7. Confirmation that they do not need additional PPE;

8.Upon first arrival, every artist receives:
a) Hand Sanitizer;
b) one (1) washable cloth face mask;
c) fifteen(15) disposable, cotton face masks; 
d) one (1) Face Shield;
e) one (1) labeled, reusable water bottle.

Dressing Room Policies

  1. Call times will be staggered to eliminate double room usage;
  2. No more than one person is allowed in any inside space/room at a time;
  3. No loitering indoors;
  4. Dressing areas will be clearly outlined and marked, and all signage and directions should be adhered to at all times;
  5. No socialization or green room space is provided within the dressing room area:
    1. Note: An outdoor, distanced green room will be clearly marked and accessible;
  1.  No touching or personal contact at any time
  2. Masks must be worn at all times;
  3. Makeup and hair are to be done at home/before arrival;
  4. Be respectful of all guidelines at all times.

Staging Guidelines

  1. All staging will be done with social distance in mind:

a) At least six (6), but preferably eight (8) feet between players;

b) Masks worn at all times 

– Note: all actors have been provided “Singers Masks”);

  1. Each singer will get their own wired microphone.
  1. Each and every microphone will be sanitized following each and every performance;
  2. Each and every microphone cover will be replaced following each and every performance;
  3.  No prop can be directly passed from hand-to-hand;