We Are Pussy Riot – Audition Prompts and Sides

This is a heavily ensemble-based piece which calls for significant imagination and some devising. In person auditions will be groups of 8 in thirty-minute blocks and will consist of the below cold reads from the script, a short movement call, and an ensemble exploration of a protest. Please bring a headshot and resume.

__________________ALL ROLES please prepare and read the following: __________________

In your own protesting style, deliver the following (you may do it in repetition, or rearrange to your liking):

Church! State! Separate!
Virgin Mary, Chase Putin Away!

(As a wise storyteller, the more descriptive and emphatic, the better. This narrative will accompany a significant movement piece. Play the positivity while speaking to the brutality): It is a very old history – a happy story, full of hope – you will celebrate with me. It is about a woman, about how we enter this- a tribal woman, on the steps had an infant, a boy – it was little Genghis. There is only one way into this world. And oh, many centuries pass, and on the 3rd September, 1530, comes Ivan the Terrible! He united all of Russia and in a rage killed his own son. Another hundred years and from the Romanov Family, 1672, the arrival of Peter, Peter the Great. He as a very tall guy, too, Peyer. Okay so he killed those with beards. Nevertheless…. Three hundred more years pass, many wars, diseases, progress, world trade and treaties, maps and missions, many children born, many buried… until in a cramped communal apartment in Leningrad on 7th October in the years 1952, our current czar entered this

(As an American reporter): “Three female punk rockers who derided President Vladimir Putin in a forty-eight-second protest in Christ the Savior cathedral are on trial today. – And the whole world is watching. Their performance was spart of the biggest opposition protests of Putins twelve0year rule, ahead of his March election to a new six-year presidential term-The case has also prompted a fresh discussion about links between the church and the kremlin in pr4edominantly Orthodox Christian Russia, where ties between church and state go back more than a millennium.”

________________________Additional sides for featured roles________________________

FOR THE MARILYN MONROE ROLE: Please prepare a reenactment of her famous “Happy Birthday Mr. President” performance

FOR THE MADONNA ROLE: Please prepare an impersonation with the following lines:

“I always saw myself as a freedom fighter and I have definitely paid for and been punished for speaking my mind. I truly believe we have a moral obligation to stand up for anyone being persecuted down the street or on the other side of the world. And I feel lucky to live I a country where I can do what I feel, wear what I want, and say what I think. – for now anyways!”

FOR THE PUTIN ROLE: Please prepare the following in a Russian Accent:

“When people push boundaries too far, it’s not because they are strong, but because they are weak. Don’t you think when people push boundaries too far it’s because they are weak? But maybe weakness is not the worst quality of a woman?”

First Impressions…

first imp


We keep getting asked – and it’s one of the things we are most excited about…. so I thought I’d take a few minutes to talk to you a little bit about our plans for the First Impressions Project.


In short, the First Impression Project is an opportunity for local playwrights to have their pieces workshopped, heard, and seen within a developmental and professional setting.

What does that mean? 

As an ensemble-based theatre company, we believe collaboration and openness are integral to development and want to provide outlets and opportunities for creators to bounce ideas, work new thoughts, find inspiration, and utilize available resources within the community.

IMPRINT’s aim with The First Impressions Project is to provide access to those resources.

How are we doing that?

Well, a few ways. First, we will be offering a festival of new works, which you’ll hear more about in the coming months. The goal is to feature new works of local playwrights, read by local actors, and to open the door for these writers to get their pieces heard at an early stage, prompting discussion and development within a safe and nurturing environment.

We will also be offering prime placement within each season to one candidate. That playwright will work with us over the span of year as we set up workshops, internal readings, as well as feedback sessions with local actors, producers, and directors. The culmination of this will be a weekend of staged readings at the conclusion of our Season, showcasing the developed work. Additionally, this show can then be optioned to be included as a full-scale production in IMPRINT’s following Season. Pretty cool!

Through this project, we are hoping to unite artists, encourage collaboration, and shine a light on the incredible writers and creators we have right here in our metroplex.

It’s so easy to focus on great works that were born in other cities… and we will of course be including those in our Seasons… But we felt it was so important to also dedicate a significant portion of our Seasons to our amazing local writers. We are passionate about this city, about our community, and about our community’s ability to make amazing art.

So, let’s show the world what DFW has to offer – and let’s do it by starting at home.

We will be accepting submissions for the First Impressions Project soon, so stay tuned!

Have a question about the First Impressions Project or IMPRINT? Contact us!

Have you checked out our Gofundme campaign, yet? That’s the first way to show your support as we embark on this new adventure!

Ashley H. White
Co-Artistic Director
IMPRINT theatreworks